The Smart Directory, Dark Mode, and Our New Look

January 18, 2023

Smart Directory - This is probably THE most exciting feature we've built to date. Now, Bloks will automatically build a directory of the companies, contacts, or topics that you find important, which are dynamically updated in real time with relevant notes, calendar events, and insights.

You can access it now in the sidebar. Check out this quick video demo to see more.

Dark Mode by Default - Roughly 4 out of 5 people use dark mode. It extends battery life, prevents eye strain, and, frankly, looks cool. We’re making it the default, so your text pops, and it’s easier to find information.

New Look - Everyone from Banksy to the White Stripes to Coca-Cola plays with a white, black, and red color scheme. It’s minimalist, powerful, and synonymous with strength, clarity, and professionalism. Perfect for both avid and everyday note-takers.

Let us know what you think!