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Bloks.The quick and intelligent note-taking app.


How does it work?

Bloks is an intelligent note-taking app for capturing, organizing, and surfacing relevant information.

First, it allows you to quickly capture your thoughts and other types of media—like photos, audio recordings, links to websites, or screenshots—and add them to notecards, which we call “bloks.”

Then, it intelligently creates associations and helps you organize your bloks by leveraging relevant information from your calendar, email, or contacts and organizing them by topic, person, company, or event.

Finally, it intelligently assembles and surfaces insights—like notes, previous conversations, files, and other information—at the right time, giving you additional context ahead of future calls, meetings, and important events.

Why should I use it?

With Bloks, you don’t have to be a perfect note-taker. Our intelligent note-taking app automatically suggests how to organize your notes in real-time based on what you write down and syncs with your email, calendar, and contacts to give your notes added context.

Bloks automatically creates dedicated pages for people, topics, companies, and events and aggregates important information like recent emails, meetings, and people associated with them, so you can see relevant notes and insights at a glance.

We’ll be doing more in the near future… this is just the beginning.

Who’s it best for?

Bloks is where quick thoughts, unformed ideas, personal to-do lists, and informal meeting notes get seeded, take root, and grow. It’s not for writing a Ph.D. dissertation.

Anyone can use it. But we’ve found that professionals who have tons of daily interactions and struggle to make sense of all their notes—think account managers, VCs, sales associates, and knowledge workers in external-facing roles—benefit the most from Bloks due to its ability to aggregate information from existing calendar events, emails, and contacts.

How much does it cost?

Bloks will be free until we’ve created a product worth paying a monthly/yearly subscription for.

What do I need to use it?

Early adopters must use apps from the Google ecosystem (Gmail, Calendar) and have an iOS phone and Mac computer to get the most out of Bloks.

How will I get onboarded?

Once it’s your turn to come off the waitlist, the Bloks team will schedule a 30 min 1:1 call to walk you through the app and answer any questions.

Can I move up the waitlist?

Priority will be given to people who use their professional email addresses to join the waitlist. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to increase your chances of skipping the queue. (Bonus points to anyone who Tweets or posts on LinkedIn about Bloks.)

Who’s behind Bloks?

Bloks is built by the all-stars behind the “OG business calendar app,” (a precursor to Calendly acquired by BlackBerry in 2011), and the “Instagram for business,” Foko (acquired by WorkForce in 2021).