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Introducing Bloks

The AI-powered productivity assistant

Put your notes, tasks, and meetings on autopilot

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Auto-generate meeting notes and action items

Get meeting summaries and to-dos from any conversation—whether it’s in-person or on Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack, or Webex.

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See notes everything
in context

Bloks automatically organizes what you capture and enhances it by showing any relevant emails, attachments, or events in your calendar.

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10x your output
with less work

Know what needs to get done, when it’s due, and how to do it—or, get it done for you—with the power of AI.

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Built for everyone

Empowering real people like you

Bloks is the secret power-up you need to conquer anything that’s on your mind.

See what folks are saying
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What do I need to focus on today?
Past event icon
Do I have any follow-ups from my last meeting?
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Where’s my pitch deck?
Team Lead
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What were the next steps following our 1:1?
List history icon
What’s my team waiting on me to review?
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Where’s the presentation I need to update?
Contact search icon
Who do I need to follow up with?
Decision list icon
What did we decide on our last call?
Task icon
What’s still on my to-do list?
Company Icon
When did I last speak to this company?
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Who do I still need to make introductions to?
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What did I present when we last met?
See what folks are saying

Take notes without taking notes

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    Instantly get summaries and transcriptions from in-person meetings and video calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, or Webex
  • Action items icon
    Get action items that were discussed during meetings
  • No robots icon
    No intrusive bots or plugins required

Connect the dots with zero effort

  • Categorized icon
    Notes, to-dos, and attachments—categorized with AI-assisted tagging
  • Lightning icon
    Your personal CRM—Bloks automatically organizes information by companies, contacts, topics, and events to give what you capture more context
  • Find icon
    View relevant emails, notes, files, and events, all in one place

Get more done in less time

  • Magic icon
    Know what needs to get done—today, tomorrow, or in the future—with a high-level overview of everything on your plate
  • Alert icon
    Get reminded of follow-ups you need to discuss during meetings
  • Insights icon
    Let Bloks do the first pass—instantly draft emails, messages, tweets, or whatever you need help writing

Free your time

How Bloks works

Bloks is like an expansion pack for your productivity. It uses the power of AI to assist you with tedious, time-consuming tasks—like taking notes, tackling your to-do list, and preparing for meetings—and more.

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Take notes, create to-do lists, or let AI do it for you. Bloks makes it easy to jot down quick thoughts, transcribe conversations, store files, and save links, all in one app.

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Next, Bloks intelligently organizes what gets captured by automatically tagging and connecting it based on your notes, emails, contacts, and events—giving you more context.

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Get sh*t done

Finally, Bloks uses AI to help you get stuff done—whether that’s drafting messages, prepping for meetings, figuring out priorities, or reminding you of follow-ups.

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What folks are saying about Bloks

I wasn’t looking to switch note-taking apps, but I did after trying Bloks.   
Kathryn Leslie
Management Consultant
Bloks helps me keep track of anything important that gets said during sales calls—it’s super helpful for post-call reviews.   
Craig Heward
Sales Manager, seoplus+
Bloks has helped me organize my notes, to-dos, and meetings better than any other productivity app.   
Herco Bezuidenhout
Intermediate Software Engineer, Entelect
Totally intuitive. Bloks has cracked the code when it comes to productivity apps.   
Ahmad Farid
QA Engineer, Wise Systems, Inc.
Bloks has completely re-defined how I take notes, stay organized, and get things done.  
Mark MacLeod
Coach, Advisor, and Investor
Bloks is always there when I need it. It helps me keep track of what's happening and follow up on critical items.   
Jayme Rabenberg
Principal, Corvus Advising, LLC
I’m constantly on Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom. Having my conversations instantly summarized and organized in one app is amazing.   
Mike Potter
Co-founder and CEO, Rewind
I used to use Otter, Evernote, and Todoist. Now, Bloks is all I need to stay organized, and I'm way more productive.   
Helen Heyward
ABM Specialist, EZRA Coaching
Not only does Bloks take notes for me, it actually organizes them. It’s a game-changer for anyone who has a lot of meetings.   
Code Cubitt
Managing Director, Mistral Venture Partners
Bloks is my go-to for everything I need to get done. It’s hard to imagine my life without it.   
Evan Bourns
Product Lead, Doctalk
I've completely switched to Bloks for managing all my notes. It’s unlike any app I've tried before.    
Sanja Mitar
Talent Acquisition Lead, Noibu
Having ADHD means I get distracted easily. Bloks is the app that finally helps me stay organized and focused on what matters.    
Yves Alary
CEO, Cargo Investment & Cocoriko
I wasn’t looking to switch note-taking apps, but I did after trying Bloks.   
Brian O'Higgins
Angel Investor and Advisor
Bloks helps me come prepared to all my meetings and know exactly what I need to follow up on.    
Sylvain St-Germain
VP of Products and Growth at Physiotec
I got rid of a dozen productivity tools after trying Bloks.   
Jeff Bonforte
Investor and Technology Executive
The way Bloks works with my email and calendar has taken my meeting prep to the next level.    
Arndt Brockmann
Retail & Management Consultant
This is what AI was built for: doing the stuff I don’t want to do.    
Aja Butler George
Marketing and Communications, Vineskills
Bloks constantly amazes me. It gets me through my tasks faster than ever.   
Fayrouz Abu-Hamdan
Director, Customer Marketing, WorkForce Software
Bloks has transformed how I manage my time and tasks. It takes way less effort to be productive.    
Dave Blackburn
Financial Services Marketer
Right out of the box, Bloks has made managing, organizing, and finding my notes easier. Definitely a game-changer.   
Sebastian Silva
Lead Strategist of Revenue Operations, York IE
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Stop using
so many apps

Bloks does everything your note-taking app, task manager, AI meeting assistant, web clipper, and bookmarking tool can do, and so much more.

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Access from anywhere

Use Bloks on macOS, iOS, Android, and Google Chrome*

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Secure some peace of mind

Keep notes safe with enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption

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