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Get Briefed like a Boss.

Always come prepared. Never forget a conversation.
Bloks is your personal sidekick that maximizes every interaction.

Rosa Michaels - you meet with her today. She's in San Francisco and it is sunny there. Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack.

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Know everything you need to know.

Bloks gathers all the information you need to come prepared to meetings with zero effort.

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Daily pre-meeting brief feed

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LinkedIn profile insights

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Alerts on topics of interest

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Weekly summaries

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Never take notes again.

Bloks automatically transcribes and summarizes meetings, so you can focus on the conversation.

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Works with Zoom, Meet, Teams, Slack, and more

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No intrusive bots or plugins

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Auto-starts and stops

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Identifies action items

AI Actions Items
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AI Action Items

Think less. Do more.

Bloks automatically identifies and organizes your action items to help you get more done.

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Auto-generated action items

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AI-assisted task completion

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Reminders and follow-ups

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Instantly know what to do

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Ask Bloks

Just ask. Bloks does the rest.

Chat with Bloks to get answers and information on any professional relationship.

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ChatGPT-like relationship intelligence

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Gives detailed meeting insights

Relationship connection

Relationship progress summaries

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Identify conversation trends

Ask Bloks
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There’s a lot of talk about Bloks

Fredric Boulanger
Frederic Boulanger
Venture Partner @AQC Capital

"If you're looking to make the most of your time spent meeting people and building relationships, give it a shot."

Jeff Bonforte
Jeff Bonforte
Managing Partner @Catapult Capital

"I got rid of a dozen productivity tools after trying Bloks."

Louis Kearns
Louis Kearns
former VP of Product @Shopify

“I’ve been using Bloks regularly for meeting notes, automatic summaries, and action items. It would be incredibly painful to go back to old-fashioned note-taking.”

Jackie Eure
Jackie Eure
Client Manager @Vineskills

“My team is loving it!”

Jessica Loi
Jessica Loi
Associate Director of Internships & Career Services @Menlo College

"Bloks helps me keep track of questions and recall previous discussions."

Hannah Weisman
Hannah Weisman
PhD, Director of Population Health @SCAN

"With Bloks, you can focus on the conversation rather than taking notes."

Jeremy Caplan
Jeremy Caplan

“Bloks aims to make meeting notes more useful.”

Colin McDonald
Colin McDonald
VP Engineering at @Kahi

“Bloks helps me prepare for my calls as easily as possible.”

Rod Woodbridge
Rob Woodbridge
COO @Trextity

“Bloks gives you the information you need at the time you need it.”

Vedran Rasic
Vedran Rasic
CEO @LeadDelta

“I absolutely love the idea and implementation of Bloks! My ops team uses it daily.”

Ashley Ford
Ashley Ford
Owner and Advisor @Pretty Penny LLC

“I prefer it over solutions like OtterAI that follow you into your Zoom meetings.”

Mark Macleod
Mark MacLeod
Coach, Advisor, and Investor

“Bloks has completely re-defined how I build and maintain my relationships.”

Yves Alary
Yves Alary
CEO @Cargo Investments and @Cocoriko

“Bloks is like a second brain for all your professional relationships.”

Sanja Mitar
Sanja Mitar
Talent Acquisition Lead @Noibu

“Bloks has saved me tons of time. I no longer need to do meeting prep. I can now join calls confident I have all the information I need.”

Code Cubitt
Code Cubitt
Managing Director @Mistral Venture Partners

“With Bloks, I no longer need to search for information. I can ask Bloks and get instantly briefed on everything I need to take the lead during meetings.”

Mike Potter
Mike Potter
Co-founder and CEO @Rewind

“Bloks does the hard work for me so I can focus on connecting with my clients.”

Arndt Brockmann
Arndt Brockmann
Retail & Management Consultant

“With Bloks, I can build deeper connections and juggle all my conversations without dropping the ball.”

Wayne Seiman
Wayne Selman
Senior Sales Director

“Bloks helps me convert leads to customers by giving me the tools and insights needed to authentically connect with all my contacts.”

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How Bloks works

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Always at your fingertips

Instantly sync information across devices. Bloks is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Secure some peace of mind

Keep information safe and secure with enterprise-grade, end-to-end encryption. Learn more

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