Even Better Summaries

June 7, 2023

Thanks to your feedback, we've updated and improved our AI-generated summaries, so you can get the gist from any meeting or conversation without reading the full transcript.

Whether you want to summarize a video call or get the key points from any podcast, webinar, or presentation, it's easier than ever in Bloks.

Our AI-assisted summaries are broken down into three sections:

- First, at the top of the summary you'll find a brief, one-to-two sentence overview of what was discussed—think of it like a tl;dr

- Second is a topic-by-topic breakdown highlighting the key points—this makes it easy to look over specific topics without reading the full summary

- Finally, Bloks identifies any actions items or follow-ups and lists them at the bottom of the summary—you can quickly add any relevant ones to your to-do list with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-T

Check it out—here's a quick summary of Apple's latest keynote:

Try it yourself, and let us know what you think!