Discovery and Search Improvements

November 18, 2022

You'll notice a new search and discovery menu option appeared in Bloks this week.

As you start to make use of tags (e.g., people, events, and hashtag categories) in your notes, this dynamic interface will give you quick access in search to items that have been front of mind throughout your day, week, or month.

Discover doesn't just highlight tags you recently used, though. It shows you which ones have been receiving a lot of your attention (i.e., tags that appear in notes you've been referencing).

We're trying to be smart about it, so we can take the time you spend looking for information down to zero.

And if you need to dig a little deeper, we've unified search to bring contacts, events, and content from notes together all in one powerful search interface.

On a side note: we had a great week at SaasNorth and appreciate all the amazing conversations we had about Bloks (formerly Nook). Your feedback is what drives us, so thank you!