Get Bloks for Windows

June 28, 2023

Bloks for Windows is finally here!

This has been one of our biggest requests since day one, and over the past month, we've been testing it out with a limited number of users from our waitlist.

Now, we're happy to announce that the Bloks Windows app is available to everyone starting today.

It's the same experience users have come to know and love on Mac, but built for Windows.

You can even transcribe and summarize any conversation using AutoPilot! It works anywhere, anytime, with any service (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex—you name it). No bots, extensions, or plugins required. Just click one button, and Bloks will take notes and create action items for you.

And, if you're old school, you can still write your own notes and take down to-dos right alongside everything else in Bloks.

Click here to get started.

If you're new to Bloks, download the app and let us know what you think!